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Classic Rope Opener

The key component is the de-twisting head that has been designed and improved over the years by Corino's technicians and engineers. This is at the heart of all the Corino opening systems. It stops the torsion on the fabric rope and eventually, drives a turntable, which eliminates the constant twist. It is manufactured from stainless steel and maintains a high sensitivity all the time.


Rope opening line consists of: soft rope de-watering, de-twister, "Combisystem" opener, dribble folder (small folds)


Rope Opening Squeezing Line

The rope opener can also be provided with an integrated pad or sets of pad for a combination of de-watering and impregnation.

Design: Rope opening line, consisting of: soft rope de-watering, de-twister, "Combisystem" opener, extraction padder, flat (arm) plaiter.


Tubular Knit Goods

Corino's patented de-twisting technology for processing tubular goods is also available when body sized fabrics are required.