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BRÜCKNER energy-saving systems

Spanning various sectors, Bruckner offers innovative energy saving concepts helping to reduce energy costs and emission values. These systems start to pay back from the first day and are a great investment for the future in both environmental and financial terms.

Our team of engineer and process engineer will be glad to analyze your requirements and develop an individual solution for your needs.

We can offer you the following systems:

Heat recovery systems BRÜCKNER ECO-HEAT



  • High energy savings, therefore payback times of clearly less than 1.5 years
  • Heat-recovery air/air. Uses exhaust air heat to heat up fresh air supplied to the stenter
  • Heat-recovery air/water. Uses exhaust air heat to heat up service water for wet finishing (for example washing, dyeing, bleaching)
  • Very easy maintenance: The easy-to-handle heat exchanger modules sized like a drawer can be removed without any problems and cleaned in special cleaning tanks. No mechanical tools such as brushes etc. are required
  • Automatic cleaning available as an option
  • Highly efficient lamellar heat exchangers with anti-adhesion coating
  • Optimum power density (clearly higher than in usual tubular heat exchangers)



Exhaust air purification systems BRÜCKNER ECO-AIR 


Benefits - scrubbers

  • High condensation and removal efficiency for aerosols and noxious gases, therefore sustainable exhaust air treatment process
  • Mainly self-cleaning scrubber zones
  • Low cost of operation
  • Proven, robust design in stainless steel
  • Compact dimensions
  • Available in several sizes

Benefits - electro static filter

  • Two-stage electro static filter, respectively with ionization and collection zone
  • Thus more efficient than devices only with ionization zone
  • Removal efficiency up to 99%
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Very easy maintenance: compact filter modules, easy to remove and easy to clean
  • Controllable ionization and collection voltage
  • Available with integrated automatic cleaning unit
  • Developed for hard application in industry, for separation of pasty substance, even at high air moisture