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Fiber Spin Finishes and Nonwoven Surfactants

As a global leader in specialty chemicals, Schill & Seilacher develops and manufactures spin finishes and surfactants for polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, rayon, acetate and elastomer fibers, yarns and nonwoven fabrics. Many years of experience in spin finishes and innovative technology ensure the production and downstream processing at maximum speed and highest quality standards with Schill & Seilacher spin finishes and surfactants. As an approved technology partner, Schill & Seilacher supports their customers around the world to meet their specific requirements.

Specifically, Schill & Seilacher offers a complete range of spin finishes and surfactants:

  • DRYFI family of spin finish for POY, DTY and ATY yarn applications
  • LIMANOL family of spin finish for FDY, HDI and BCF yarn applications
  • SILASTOL family of spin finish and top coats for all types of staple fiber applications (cotton/wool type, fiber fill, short cut and fiber spinning)
  • SILASTOL family of nonwoven surfactants for airlaid, thermal bond, spunbond and spunlace nonwoven applications
  • Specialty products including botanicals, FR (flame retardant additives, bactericides, and heater cleaning agents)

In order to supply our North American customers, Fi-Tech stocks various Schill & Seilacher products in our Richmond, VA warehouse. This allows us to receive regular shipments from Germany via ocean freight and to have product on hand for our customers when needed.