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Features of the Trützschler Man-Made Fibers Crimper

Crimping is one of the most important steps in the production of staple fibers. Stuffer-box crimping, which is one of several texturing methods, has opened new application fields and is responsible for the success of man-made staple fiber. It is no fortuity, that most natural fibers are not straight and sleek, but textured. There is much more fiber volume and mainly crimps responsible for sufficient cohesion in the subsequent yarn or fabric manufacturing. However the crimping process is very sensitive. There is very high stress on the fibers to get the desired deformation, which results in high heat generation. TRÜTZSCHLER MAN-MADE FIBERS is constantly working on the perfection of the crimper. Essential for a good crimping is a uniform distribution of the incoming fiber tows. Fleissner tow stackers are equipped with motors for the positioning of the individual tows.



• Water-cooled crimper roller diameters 200 to 300 mm depending on the working width

• Monobloc crimper rollers without shrink fit outer shell

• Stuffer box width realized up to 660 mm

• Stuffer box material in brass or stainless steel

• Pressure disc rotation by electrical drives

• Stuffer box optional with steam injection and extraction

• Permanent or forced lubrication

• Body coated by Nickel or in stainless steel

• Integrated panel for adjusting all crimp parameters