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AMBERSIL FORMULA 1/HT High Temperature spray is a silicone release agent formulated for application at the Spinneret, Spunbond plates and Meltblown dies during the extrusion process for synthetic fibers.  It is recommended for use during the Spin Pack building stage.  This product is suitable for operation extrusion temperatures up to 288° C.  At this temperature, the product provides resistance to gelation up to 5000 hours continuously.


·         High slip factor ensures faster production                                  

·         Superb release properties provide improved finish 

·         360° degree spray actuator allows multi directional application 

·         High heat resistance up to 300° C without crystallization 

This product contains no chlorinated solvents, no ozone depleters and non-flammable in use. 

Samples and MSDS available upon request.