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filtertechnik.Europe GmbH & Co Kg

filtertechnik.Europe has provided high quality polymer, liquid and high-viscosity filtration products since 1973. They are a highly respected specialist for the use of wire mesh to produce filter elements such as pack filters, candle elements for polymer, and liquid filtration elements. Their core competence is wire mesh, which is able to absorb high pressures and temperatures, as well as resist aggressive polymers and additives. Filtertechnik strives every day to serve their customers with specific knowledge of their customers' demanding applications.

The following are reasons that filtertechnik.Europe is a reliable supplier: 

·         Engineering of new products

·         Specific development of established products

·         Targeted selection of the ideal filter medium

·         Minimization of downtime in production through preventive measures

·         Longer lifetimes of filters 

Filtertechnik manufactures a complete range of filter screens for the extrusion industry. Due to its proximity to the OEM machine builders in Europe, Filtertechnik is a key supplier of screens to the OEMs, and as such, carries a large inventory of tooling for the filters for these extrusion plants. In addition, Filtertechnik carries a full range of wire mesh material in stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel, copper, and other materials in a wide range of mesh sizes and types (plain weave, Dutch weave, square mesh, etc.). Whether your need is belt filters or spot welded screens for your screen changers - or bound filters for your filament, staple, meltblown, spunbond, recycling or other melt extrusion process – Filtertechnik can provide cost effective filters for your application.

In the synthetic fiber and nonwoven industries, filtertechnik.Europe supplies the following filter types:

       ·         Pack filters for the final filtration before extrusion

·         Filters and filter belts for manual and automatic screen changers

·         Maxipore/Maxipass Plates

·         Candle filters for polymer process filtration

·         Gaskets for sealing