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CB Kaymich & Co. Ltd.

CB Kaymich & Co. Ltd.


Adhesive and Flavor Application Solutions for the Tobacco Industry


Kaymich is a major international manufacturer of adhesive application and fluid control systems for use in the tobacco industry providing both “off the shelf” solutions or systems designed to meet individual unique requirements. Kaymich offers a complete range of proven solutions for adhesive applications in filter rod, tobacco rod, and tipping;  as well as cigarette packing areas of secondary production.  We trust that you are able to find a solution that meets your needs. In addition, Kaymich leads the way in flavor application. Specifically, Kaymich’s Gemini Menthol Application unit is industry proven and capable of applying menthol at various points in the production process.

As world leaders and innovators in adhesive and liquid application solutions for over 30 years, Kaymich always delivers on their promise: “To provide excellence in quality, guaranteed reliability and proven technology through continuous development and ongoing investment in our people, our service and in our comprehensive product portfolio. Kaymich has the size, stability and support network to ensure that wherever you are in the world, our promise will always be kept.”

A successful company, or product, will always attract imitators or counterfeiters. When you specify Kaymich, you choose the original. You choose the best.