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Baldwin offers two key precision application solutions for fabric makers: TexCoat G4, which offers single- or dual-sided application of chemistries like fabric softeners, antimicrobial agents, durable water repellents, and surfactants to textiles and nonwovens as well as the TexMoister G2, which offers single- or dual-sided application of water to fabrics. Both systems use non-contact, precision-valve spray technology.

Baldwin precision spray enables either a light topical coating on lightweight fabrics or a deep penetration on heavyweight fabrics in a manner that reduces chemical and/or water consumption by 50% or more when compared with traditional padding methods. The non-contact technology eliminates the chemical wastewater associated with pad changes.

Baldwin also provides Rotor Spray technology, which uses rotary discs to achieve an even spray. Rotor Spray meets the demands for very precise low-level application often required in non-woven applications.