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We represent primarily European-based, Nonwoven, Synthetic Fiber, and Perforating machinery and equipment manufacturers. We also serve the NAFTA countries and maintain a spare parts inventory for many of the companies we represent and offer an extensive spare parts sourcing program for industry related European-made equipment.

Reicofil® Spunbond Lines - Producing Unrivaled Light Nonwovens

Produce spunbond fabrics of high quality - even with low basis weights and at high production speeds. With REICOFIL® technology, get the most energy efficient and stable process on the market. In the REICOFIL nonwoven process, polymers are transformed into endless filaments by melting and stretching, and then deposited on a wire mesh belt. The conversion of granulate into nonwoven takes place in a single production step.

REICOFIL offers three different types of spunbond lines: the one-, two- and three-beam lines in widths up to 5.2 meters. The biggest difference is the greater line speed and thus the extra output capacity that extra beams provide.

REICOFIL is the only nonwoven technology on the market to utilize a closed spinning process. The filaments only come into contact with the surrounding air just before discharge. The result: The most stable nonwoven process on the market and a high product quality that easily meets the demands of the hygiene industry. With an energy requirement of 1 - 1.2 kilowatt h/kg of nonwoven produced, REICOFIL technology transforms granulate to nonwoven with more efficiency than any other technology. Since the introduction of REICOFIL 4 Technology, it has been possible to reliably produce especially light nonwovens. Nowadays, high-quality uniform basis weights of 10 grams per square meter are standard with the REICOFIL process.