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Spare Parts

Fi-Tech, Inc. will handle your Spare Parts requirements! With over 40 years of service and experience, our team at Fi-Tech, Inc. will be able to help you with your Spare Parts needs. 

 Customer actions:

  1. Identify and locate a nameplate or part number for the part needed.                                               
  2. Call or email Fi-Tech at 804-794-9615 or
  3. Let us know your timeline needed, and quantity you would like to have.

 Fi-Tech actions:

  1. Identify and locate the part. 
  2. Quote an FCA-European Port price and delivery. 
  3. Order and pay in appropriate currency.
  4. Arrange and expedite shipment.
  5. Clear U.S Customs and pay all tariffs and associated duties.
  6. Receive, verify and inspect parts are as ordered, and without damage.
  7. Ship to your designated location.
  8. Bill in U.S. Dollars.


You get the parts you need from the company that made them. Fast! Best of all, you will be pleasantly surprised with your savings in time and money!