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The water filtration system from Idrosistem Energy srl was developed to meet the needs of spunlace producers for better water quality. Typical problems that spunlace producers incur as a result of poor water filtration include clogged jet strips that lead to streaks in the fabric, frequent replacement of filter bags in the final safety filter, loss of sand in the sand filters, bacteria growth, and excessive discharge of water in the back washing of filters.


Idrosistem Energy’s water filtration system consists of patented sand filters and an optional dissolved air flotation unit. Sand filtration provides for the complete removal of suspended solids and the reduction of oils and surface agents. The additional flotation unit is used when pulp is present or for the recovery of the back washing water, thereby providing 100% water recovery. The flotation unit also provides a further reduction in surface agents and oils.


The Idrosistem sand filter has multiple layers of different size sand granules and a specially designed water distribution system to prevent blinding of the top sand layer. The sand filter has an automatic back washing cycle that cleans the sand so that there is never a need to replace the sand. A special patented feature of the Idrosistem sand filter prevents sand from being lost during back washing.


Idrosistem Energy has over 30 years of experience supplying industrial water purification equipment and is the only company in the world specializing in water filtration for spunlace plants.