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Guide and Support Rollers





Temco Guide Rollers FR are used for guiding thread and tapes in textile and technical applications. The extremely smooth-running yarn guide rollers are suitable for processes where low tension force and gentle yarn guiding are required.Their integrated bearing construction gives them a compact design, a low rotating mass, and a low starting and bearing coefficient of friction. Yarn speed up to 6,500 m/min. are possible. The most important application for Temco yarn guide rollers are high speed processes like spin drawing texturing and BCF as well as FDY and SDY processes for technical yarn.

Temco Support Rollers are low weight, low mass rollers and are mainly used for yarn support on winding machines. The integrated bearing design in which the raceways are incorporated into the shaft allows for smooth-running speeds up to 50,000 rpm. The shells are either aluminum or steel and can be hard chrome plated.